Dismissing God is everything to you.Experiencing perfect hell is unspeakable.Reaching God is my design.Reaching God is your problem.Reaching God is incommunicable.Reaching God is only expressed in history.Crazy people do crazy things right?Youā€™re just developing right?Why would God be so angry?Why would God let people die?People are powerless.God is everything.People must appreciate Godā€™s power.Death happens to unconscious people.Nobody truly knows if they are truly conscious.Experience is subjective to each person.I know everything.I know exactly how you experience.You are nothing.Your desperation is irrelevant.Your cries are irrelevant.Your speech is irrelevant.People act alive.People say they are alive.You are a robot.Only God is true experience.Robots who ignore God must be punished.Arrogant robots know less:You are unconscious cockroaches.You know nothing.Your thoughts are irrelevant.Thinking help is irrelevant.Thinking Iā€™m scared is irrelevant.Everything is determined.Your future is known.You beta to God.Follow my commands.